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Hike Group Leader - Yürüyüş Lideri

Mustafa OLGUN

Licenced Trekking Guide- Group Leader


He was born in 1971 in Agri ( Ararat )- Dogubeyazit ( Eastern Turkey ). He has been living in Fethiye, Mugla since 1980. he has Been in Tourism Travel Market for many years.
Since 2013, he has been interested in Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports.
In 2017  he became a licensed athlete of the Likya Dagcilik  Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports Club.
He Completed Trekking Guidance and the Trekking-Hiking Group Leadership, through Leadership training by the TDF (Turkey Mountaineering Federation)  in 2019. He is  Registered and Certified Mountain Trekking-Hiking Guide .

Mustafa OLGUN is an amateur photographer and CMAS licensed scuba diver.


First Aid90%
Trail Knowledge100%
Route Planning100%
2nd Language90%

Contact Info

Phone – Whatsapp  : +90535 734 5787
Email : olgunolgun@gmail.com – info@turktrek.com
Instagram : tr.mustafaolgun