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Hiking | Trekking | Climbing in Turkey

SuperEasy Ways To Learn Everything About WALKING HOLIDAYS IN TURKEY


Sensational Walking holidays in Turkey are becoming increasingly popular visitors from across the world, and a rising number of local and international tour providers are offering them.

Turkey is an excellent place to hike, from the Black Sea coast up and past the Taurus mountains, then down through the Anatolian plateau and up to the Kaçkar range, and finally down to the Mediterranean shore.

Hiking is also the ideal way to discover communities and sights that are rarely visited by tourists, as well as to get a flavor of life in rural Turkey.

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Turkey offers some of the most magnificent hiking paths in the world, We’ve compiled a list of the top hiking routes in Turkey so you can pack your bags and buy your tickets.

 So. Begin your journey.

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The Lycian Way Path ( Trail )

The Lycian Way, which runs from Fethiye to Antalya and covers 539 kilometers, is located in Turkey’s south-west. The path is partly inland, but the most of it follows the Lycian coast and looks out over the sparkling waves of the turquoise coast.

St. Paul’s Trail

The St. Pauls hike is a well-known 500-kilometer trek that takes approximately 27 days to complete. The route from Perge’s ruins to Yalvac largely follows St. Paul’s route as he travels through the interiors spreading the gospel of Christianity. The waymarked trail crosses the Taurus Mountain at an elevation of 2200 meters, which can be difficult for individuals who are not acclimated to it.

Mountains of Kackar

The Kackar Mountains, which are an extension of the Caucasus mountain range, have long been a popular tourist destination. The mountains, which are located in the northeast, feature eight paths that range in length from small day outings to week-long adventures.

Trail of the Carian

The Carian Trail, which is roughly 800 kilometers long and was finished in 2013, is Turkey’s longest. The coastal trail is similar to the Lycian and is named for the Aegean province of Caria. It’s a way to link ancient ruins and historically significant sites like the Amos, Seydir Hydas’ island. For convenience of navigation, the Carian Trail is separated into five primary regions.

Hiking Mount Ararat

Discover Turkey’s famed Mount Ararat’s magnificent natural beauty and rich cultural heritage!

Mount Ararat, Turkey’s tallest peak, rises to 5,137 meters above sea level and provides a tough yet rewarding hiking adventure. It takes four days to get to the top and back, and the views are some of the best in this beautiful part of the globe!


Cappadocia is known for its hot air balloons and mystical fairy chimneys, and hiking routes braided through the brown terrain are one of the greatest ways to discover the grandeur of this harsh environment. There’s lots to see as you loop along the paths, with fairy chimneys taking strange shapes and the birth of a dozen valleys, each with its own unique feature.

In southern Cappadocia, the starkly magnificent Ala Daglar National Park (part of the Taurus Mountains) offers excellent multi-day trekking chances, while 3268m Hasan Dagi (Mt Hasan) can be summited in one difficult day.

National Park Uludag

The Uludag National Park, located between Istanbul and Bursa in the Marmara region, is a protected area. It is home to the Uludag, or Great Mountain, which stands at 2543 meters tall and is home to the Aras waterfalls and massive glaciers. While the national park is notable for having the world’s longest cable car and a well-known ski resort, it also has a number of hiking trails that give excellent views.

Trail in the Yenice Forest

This track runs through the natural grandeur of Turkey’s Yenice Forest, and is one of the country’s lesser-known hiking trails. The routes, which pass through forests and canyons and may be navigated by bike or horseback, are a great find for nature enthusiasts.


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